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Holstein Mare Lines

For many decades, Holstein has delivered highly successful horses for breeding and for sports. This didn’t just happen by chance, but has been the result of methodically bred mare lines and the knowledgeable experience of the breeders over many years. The knowledge of these mare lines is therefore essential.

All stallions and international sport horses were assigned to mare lines. All available information, inland and abroad, was incorporated for this edition. The Holstein mare lines are indicated from the numbers 4 to 8900 and contain their own respective licensed stallions. Champions of stallion licensing and winners of stallion performance tests are clearly identified.

This information is found in the book "Holsteiner Stutenstämme" by Claus Schridde. The book originally emerged in the year 2000 from Asmussen Publishing, and by the spring of 2008, it was already in its third printing. 87 mare lines are represented with full-page genealogical family trees; branches of the licensed stallions emerge from those trees. The extensive photo material contains many previously unreleased pictures of stallion dams and the dams of top international horses. Over 90 color photos and 60 black and white photos are included, which have some historic value.

This book does not contain German text; therefore, its trouble-free use is ideal for breeders in any country. One page contains abbreviations which have been translated to English. Asmussen books can be ordered directly from Asmussen Publishing with world-wide delivery service. The 3rd edition of Holsteiner Stutenstaemme is an absolute must for the people who concern themselves with the genetic connections to the Holstein breed.

A sample mare line with pictures can be found under 18 b 1.